Monday, September 10, 2007

hey readers, wow, sorry for being such a blog flake. to my defense, we didn't figure out the internet in the apartment for a while, and blogging at a cafe just didn't feel right. yesterday also marked the conclusion of a 3 and 1/2 week visit from mariel, another good reason why blogging wasn't my top priority. anyway, mariel's visit made being back here not too bad, though i really feel ready to go back to the states. its just been long enough over here, especially since i'm not even trying to find a job, and the city of beijing no longer holds much excitement for me, so mostly i just watch movies. but next week i'm leaving to go traveling for a while, so that should be exciting. i figured seen i've been to thailand and laos, i should get vietnam in their too. also this will be my first time traveling alone, so we'll see how long before i go crazy. i'm going through some pretty heavy backpacker areas, so hopefully i'll make some friends along the way.
oh also, i wanted to write about the international beer festival that mariel and i went to in qingdao. it was super fun, though i think they should have left the word international out of it (even though they did have some german beer) because it was the most chinese beer festival i can imagine. each brand of beer had a tent, full of drunk shirtless chinese men, with some kind of performance on a small stage in front. these included singers, sexy dancers who borderlined on being strippers, a guy who hung a fire extinguisher from his eyelid, a woman who could support large drunk chinese men in a big jar using only her legs. suffice to say that we had an awesome time. the only downside was that there were all these awesome looking rides, but they cost a ton of money. we wanted to go on one of those giant revolving swing sets, but it cost 5 bucks for one time! hell no, more expensive than america. um, but yeah, getting drunk and enjoying all of the ridiculousness was fun. can't think of anything else i wanted to write about, so peace out from unemployedsville. population, one.


Blogger annie said...

i wanted to comment to let you know that i read your blog today but i'm pretty much speechless.

fire extinguisher on an eyelid? why?

12:19 PM  
Blogger Mariel said...

well hellooooo unemployedsville

3:17 PM  

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