Wednesday, September 12, 2007

so yesterday i got a call from a friend of mine with whom i studied abroad, asking if i was interested in being on a CCTV 9 program with Da Shan. for those of you not in the know, Da Shan is probably the most famous foreigner in china, a canadian with an incredible fluency in chinese. for a few minutes i enjoyed the fantasy of becoming a celebrity in china, being recognized wherever i went (though my friend told me the pay wouldn't be much, so i wouldn't actually be living like a celebrity). but anyway, i knew i couldn't do it. i feel like every time i'm planning on leaving china, something like this comes up that seems like it could be a really interesting opportunity, but in the long run i think i should just stick with my plans. i'm getting excited about travelling; i'm all packed up and i know the first hostel i am going to stay at. i'm also getting nervous, but i think that's natural for my first travel alone.
also, i just bought the Planet Earth series, and to anyone who hasn't seen it-- you must! it is sooo good.


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