Thursday, December 08, 2011

Both Facebook and Gawker are constantly trying to push through a change that, to me, underscores the fact that they seem to totally misunderstand the value of their own product. The features that I am referring to our Gawker's shift away from blog form, and Facebook's "Sort by Highlighted Stories First." Now, I love to spend time on both of these websites; they make a great study break. But it is really rare that either Facebok statuses or a Gawker post is actually interesting. The way the time of my study break is passed, in fact, is by scrolling through the mediocre offerings of both websites, looking for the rare interesting one. Therefore, if I'm able to go to either website and immediately see that there is nothing good, I will not use these websites for study breaks. The key to these websites, then, is in the mystery. Behind the mystery, is mostly nothing. I think this is something that both companies have misunderstood, thinking that the top Gawker posts or the "Highlighted Stories" will generally be of any value. Unfortunately, they are usually not. And if I lose the value of scrolling through these websites in the hope of coming across something interesting, I will lose my interest in visiting these websites. So, suggestion to these companies- think about HOW your site is used, not just what your site has to offer.


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