Sunday, July 30, 2006

FYI- my mom informed me today that there actually is a musical of Dirty Dancing in the works. while i'm happy to be proved right, i am also incredibly saddened that musical theater has reached this point.
right now i'm sitting at work (at a used bookstore called Heights Books) reading over a book about what names not to give your child. don't worry, i'm not pregnant, i'm just kind of obsessed with names. but i must say, i think the fact that someone took the time to write an entire book about names not to give people, and the fact that that book got published kind of boggles my mind. because what's the purpose of those other baby name books? so you can check on the name that you want to give your child, and be like "aw, it means 'handsome marauder' or 'beautiful exotic and precious stone'". but what do you do with this book? you look up the name you want, and then read the snooty comment this guy has written about what the name rhymes with, and then the name is ruined for you. and now that your child is nameless, what does this book helpfully provide you with? other names that you also shouldn't give your kid. Thanks, book.


Blogger Jason said...

Does the book say not to name your son Jason because it rhymes with gay son?

10:35 AM  

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