Monday, July 24, 2006

I never cease to be amused at spotting a mention of the exploits of sex columnist Amy Sohn. You see, before Amy Sohn was such a woman-about-town, she was my babysitter and also my hebrew school teacher. My hebrew school class even got a mention in her first novel, Run Catch Kiss. I'm proud to say that we were described as a class from hell, and she noted how much joy some of my good friends derived from finding the bad words within hebrew words, like bereSHIT. Yeah, I know its pretty stupid, but we were 11 years old. What we innocent fifth graders didn't know was at the same time that we were successfully irritating her to distraction, she was living a double life as a sex columnist chronicling her wild (although occasionally fictitious) exploits as a single in the city. I must say, I was shocked, SHOCKED to find that someone who had been an authority figure to me in my youth was capable of writing such provocative prose.
i also happen to know several other members of importance in Amy Sohn's life; namely, her brother Josh, a devilishly handsome lad who was my SAT tutor, and her husband, who frequented the used bookstore I work at. this entry was just to let all my readers know how cool i am.


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shit, ABI, you're in the know

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