Sunday, July 02, 2006

Phew! A lot has happened since my last post, which is why its been a little while. The big thing was, I moved into my new summer apartment. This was really exciting for me, as I've been really starting to feel like a shlub for staying in my house and watching tv all day, and i've been wishing i had a place that i could invite friends over, or should i do any dating, a place to bring someone over to without a super awkward meeting of the 'rents. so i was really excited to find a place near Park Slope, where most of my friends live, at a reasonable price, and with some roomies with whom i think i'll get along great. the place has already been christened with a housewarming party (luckily the new roomies are away for my first weekend living there), which was carried out without any major mishaps except a small amount of water spilled on some bills left on the table. anyway, i'm hoping that this new place will up the coolness quotient of my summer, which has not been bad so far, but lacked a certain spark that i had hoped for since i'll be out of the country for the next year or possibly more.


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