Monday, March 31, 2008

oh man, the road is finished! and only ten months too late for my trip through that area. that's okay though, except for the days when i was gripped with awful stomache aches, i totally appreciated traveling on the ultra rugged roads.

Thursday, March 27, 2008

i remember, growing up, being taught that there were four seasons in the year, equally dividing the 12 months. this, aside from the fact that pluto is not a planet, is the biggest falsehood that elementary school science classes could perpetrate. (i won't even get started on history classes, which are entirely propaganda). it has been a very sad realization of adulthood to me that in truth winter and summer rule the roost, and spring and autumn are just transient phases. Really, winter is from November-March, making it 5 months long. Summer is from May-September, also making it 5 months. What does that leave for spring and autumn? Spring gets April, and autumn gets October. What's the point of even naming them? Sorry, I guess I'm just pissed off that it will barely crack 50 degrees through the end of March.

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

oh, and i'm hopeful about this show, i love judy greer. tom-tom!
having lost over $1,000 due to the stupidity of paper tickets with no electronic backup, i fully support this new plan to use your cell phone as your boarding pass.

Friday, March 14, 2008

Republican Oklahoma representative Sally Kern, what the fuck?

honestly, if it wasn't for all the minorities contributing to american culture and society, gays, jews, blacks, etc, the country would be a bunch of hicks shooting their guns in time to country music.
it reminds me of this book i picked up while doing some background "acting" for this autism PSA my company is doing. it was about how the jews run hollywood. it talked about the interesting contradiction of the fact that hollywood was founded by these jewish immigrants who desperately wanted to become part of american society, so this image of america that has become so central to our national character, the way we see ourselves in the movies, is actually an idealized image created by outsiders. okay i'm watching ellen's response to that video now, so i'm going to go.

Thursday, March 13, 2008

big protests in tibet! i'm so curious to see what's going to happen come olympic time. i know that the chinese government's been attempting to round up all of the possible political dissidents and keep them out of the reach of foreign journalists, but really, how much can they do? i don't think foreigners are going to stand for the restrictions accepted as normal by chinese citizens, and there's no way that no crazy footage is going to make it out of the country. anyway only about six months till the big kickoff, its almost enough to make me wish i was back there. ah well, i'll watch it on tv.
breaking news- after about a month of walking past the New Chocolate Flavored Skittles at grocery stores, i finally caved in and bought a bag. well actually what prompted me to buy them was that my dear friend aaron (who emphatically does not read this blog) was willing to pay about 2/3 of the cost. when i initially saw the skittles for sale at candy stores, i thought "what a terrible idea." but then, because it seemed like such an obviously terrible idea, i thought "well maybe they're surprisingly good."
so i finally bought them. they were terrible. i think the best flavor was vanilla, and what was that even doing in a bag of chocolate flavored skittles? i think chocolate caramel was the worst. but seriously, do not buy them. do not fall into the counter-logic vortex like i did. people in the candy industry are not smarter than you. and they obviously have no taste buds.

Monday, March 10, 2008

Friday, March 07, 2008

i guess i understand the goal of a show like The Big Gay Sketch Show, to provide comedy that is oriented specifically toward gays and lesbians, but i gotta say, i think Mad TV already provides that. ever since Comedy Central started screening massive amounts of it and i was forced to watch, i've been down with Mad TV. i think the show's lower profile (compared with SNL) allows it to be more experimental, and more outrageous with its comedy. of course it hits quite off a lot of the time, and i think the repeating characters are the worst part of the show.
when i was younger, i remember thinking that the show was offensive to minorities because of some of those repeating characters. but now i think they might actually be making fun of the stereotypes, a trend that has become increasingly common in mainstream comedy. i don't know. what i do know is that they have a lot of sketches about lesbians that i've always found extremely pro-gay.
examples- a remake of the mary tyler moore show where she realizes she's a lez and comes out to the newsroom, and turns out she's dating rhoda. a girl who brings home her girlfriend to introduce to her parents, but they are ridiculously in denial and manage to straightify everything she says to them. a man convinces his wife to have a threesome, but turns out the threesome lady is really butch, so the man is turned off, but the wife is verry into it.
it seems like they've almost consciously not made fun of lesbians, especially considering they've got a reputation as a white trash show. cool.

Wednesday, March 05, 2008

thank you, new york times! seriously, i'm not being sarcastic like i sometimes am about the Times. i love that they wrote an article about how MSG is not that bad. because it's true! people go so damn crazy over MSG like it's this evil poison, but really it's just this flavoring that's really high in sodium. and it tastes good. that's why chinese people use it all the time. i may not have learned much from china, but i did learn that the chinese for MSG means "delicious flavor," and that it's true. and that life is better without daylight savings time.

Tuesday, March 04, 2008

way to go, bjork. maybe richard gere can't do it, but you can definitely convince china to free tibet.

Sunday, March 02, 2008

whoa, MLP is doing a play soon. make sure you get a ticket, so you won't be, like my friends who failed to get tix for the tegan and sara concert, left out in the cold. by the way, MLP is of course the lovely Mary Louise Parker. and i've seen her in a live play once, "proof" and she was fan-fucking-tastic. so do not miss this.
sorry i've been so prolific today, i guess there was just too much celebrity stuff going on to comment about. don't even get me started on the further ellen page stuff, like her supergay SNL sketch, or her interview on the Ellen Degenerous show. till she makes a statement, she has no sexuality. or maybe she's rosexual.
anyone else hear about this daniel radcliffe kiss? it raises just oh so many questions in my mind. who was that man? did he know danielle radcliffe at all? and why didn't d.r. push him away? i mean, be you gay, be you straight, be you whatever, you don't kiss someone you don't know in front of lots of people when you are receiving an award. especially when he's not at all a hottie. so weird.
this issue scrabbles my mind. of course, of course scrabulous was biting off scrabble. i mean, they even stole the damn name. i can't even imagine how they could claim that it was not a copyright infringement. because it doesn't say "double word score" on the board? because that is literally the only difference.
in other news, the media got a bit excited this week over the sexuality of that 20-year -old temptress, ellen page. of course, that question mark popped up in my head the first time i saw juno (and on all subsequent viewings). my take? i dunno. basically, i will acknowledge that she's giving off a lot of the signals, but until she makes some statement either way, let's just leave it at that.