Wednesday, August 08, 2012

Uggggh. People that don't put any picture of themselves in their facebook profile. I'm sure that you're opposing the superficial, voyeuristic orientation of the contemporary world by single-handedly waging a war against our image-focused society, making you far superior to the rest of us. Simultaneously, of course you seem very insecure about your looks, because no matter how you frame it, we know that's the reason that you don't have any pictures up. It's similar to the people who aren't on facebook, ostensibly because they "have better things to do," but in fact, again, because they quite transparently have issues about their self-representation. To both of these annoying types of people, I would like to say, don't flatter yourself. Facebook is a very useful networking tool, so that I can add people I meet into my network of acquaintances before I forget them, making it acceptable to contact them in the future and ensuring that I remember their names. And freaking hell, the photograph is the way you make sure that they are the right person. No one's telling you to put up a million pictures of yourself getting wasted or hanging out with your loved one with whom you will shortly go through a messy breakup. I just want to know WHO YOU ARE.